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SIS is Singapore’s largest supplier of high quality sugar to the producers of food and beverage producing industry, commanding over 65% of the total sugar volume used in value-added products.

As part of the program to extend its lead as Singapore’s favourite sugar, SIS has embarked upon a number of initiatives which will see SIS plays a key part in the new wave of family culinary related events.

In 2013, SIS launched Demerara Sugar to meet the growing demand of consumers for a more aromatic sugar to complement both their baking & cooking needs. Demerara Sugar is also often being used as a sweetener by coffee connoisseurs whom want the extra texture and mineral that Demerara Sugar provides.

:: Trade and Food Service ::

Together with ED&F Man Holdings, SIS has been relentless in developing its sourcing, logistics, packaging and distribution capabilities to ensure reliable supply at very competitive prices.

Aside from reliability, the company focuses most on the quality of its sugars. SIS places greatest emphasis in obtaining materials from the best sources and investing in high-tech production methods to ensure world-class food safety standards, consistency and product quality.

:: Ask Sissy ::

Sugar is an important source of carbohydrates with relatively less calories in each spoon than fat. 1 gram of sugar has only four calories whereas 1 gram of fat has nine calories. Sugar tends to be metabolised and is not easily stored by the body. SIS sugar has no fat and is 100% natural. Want to know more about Sugar? Ask Sissy!

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